Weebly is a website creator. It is very user friendly, free. It can be used as a class website, eportfolio. Some constraints are that you may not embed every type of multimedia, unless you upgrade and organizing pictures is not very easy. Free!On this page you will be able to find some resources and tools to use with your students, to help you plan lessons or just to organize your life. I have only posted things that I have personally used.

On this page you will find tools that might be helpful when planning a lesson. I have only

posted tools which I have personally used.

Press on an image and follow the link.

This free qr code generator is very easy to use. QR codes can be used for many different things, they can be embedded on a resume, on an exam, used for a school treasure hunt, you name it.

Podbean is a free platform to post all your podcasts. It is nice because the layout is very similar to a blog page. You can customize it and organize your podcasts with comments. One of the constraints is that it is somewhat confusing when on the general page to view your site.

This is a free tool to create web maps. It is very simple to use and it has a feature to organize it like a presentation. You can share with other people who have popplet accounts, but the other person can’t edit. Popplet can’t be embedded on wordpress.

Infographics are a great to add as visuals to your words. is very simple to use. You must create an account. Elementary students can even learn how to use this. It is free.

Glogster is a free multimedia poster creator. Students can personalize their posters and add youtube videos, images and audio. I found 2 constraints in using glogster, it doesn’t allow embedding and the educator version is not free.

Jing is used to create screencasts. It is free, but you can’t upload onto wordpress or weebly. You would need to export it onto youtube. You need to download the application.


Search engine that provides you with a related term web. Helpful for students research.

Tweetdeck allows you to organize your tweets. You create columns displaying only the tweets from a certain hashtag or from a specific person. It is free and easy to use.

Is a platform for kids to submit opinions about a topic or questions. Teachers can use it to brainstorm with their class. It has the option of posting a comment anonymously which can be comforting for some students. It is free.

Audience response system that uses mobile phones, twitter, and the web. Responses are displayed in real-time charts. It is free!

Tagul is a free word cloud creator. It is wonderful because you can choose different shapes for your clouds, or even upload an image you want the words to be displayed in.


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