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For this project my colleagues and I had to choose a topic of interest.  We chose Digital Literacy. We researched it’s definition, implications, tools and why it is important to implement in the classroom. For our final product, we created a professional poster and  my first podcast.


•Writing and responding on sites
•Using web based tools to create collaboratively
•Distributed via the Internet and World Wide Web


The purpose of this project is to evaluate digital writing in the classroom, its affordances to instruction and its effects on students ability to write.  Digital writing is more than using a standalone technological tool. Where digital writing distinguishes itself is it combines the writing processes of researching, structuring and organizing information with connecting via the internet to publish, share and collaborate with peers while they work.  Digital writing forces students to think both critically and metacognitively on how and why they choose the particular way in which they write their works. It is important to include digital writing in the classroom because it supports learning across all subject areas. Furthermore, use of digital writing fosters technological literacies amongst students, better preparing them for their future.


When the project was introduced to me, I thought it would be like any other presentation; a lecturer and people listening. My experience was totally different, I got so much out of this experience. It was educational to bounce off ideas with my colleagues and I appreciated the feedback. Some said that it would be useful to have this resource to present at PD meetings so other teachers can see and use our posters and website.

For further information and tools visit our website at:



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