“Thinking is slow, effortless and uncertain.“ (Willingham, Daniel T., 2009) According to these aspects of thinking, the implications for education are that students must be able to solve a problem. Meaning, that problems presented to them should be the right level of difficulty. Not to easy, not to hard. Students may loose interest. Background knowledge is important for the thinking process. If you do not have the sufficient prior knowledge,when reading a text or watching a video, you will not be able to grasp the full idea or content. Finally, teachers have the hard task of nurturing their innate curiosity. Curiosity will keep students focused, engaged and wanting to learn, wanting to do, to accomplish. Universal Design for Learning is a concept that was just introduced to me today. It basically means, students should be able to present their learning and experiment using different tools or procedures which are better suited for their abilities and/or interests.



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