Teaching that Sticks!

We had the honor the receive Punya Mischra in our classroom. He is one of the creators of the TPACK model. The topic for his class was teaching sticky ideas.

One classic story that many people remember is the babysitter receiving a phone call and it is coming from inside the house. It made me scared whenever I had to babysit. We believed it, someone always knew someone who had heard of it happening. This is an example of a “Sticky Idea”, an idea that has changed the behavior or opinion of many people and it is easy to remember. This can also be applied to teaching. Begin a lesson with an idea in the format of a story, students love listening to stories, then have it relate back to the general idea that you want them to stay with. Each idea should have 6 important traits to become a “Sticky Idea”:

  • Simple
  • Unexpected
  • Concrete
  • Credible
  • Emotional
  • Story

Our quick fire of the day was to read and understand Metcalfe’s law which states that the value of a network grows as the number of users expands, and create a lesson that would relate and stick with our classmates. My team and I decided to spread a gossip on facebook mentioning that one of our colleagues in the program was pregnant, but we didn’t post a name. Immediately many people started responding, we also acted out a segment in which we spread gossip. The juicier the gossip is, more people want to know about it. This relates to the idea of the value of the network increasing as users expand. Facebook, twitter, myspace and other social networks were important in my life as I noticed that people around me had joined, so I instantly thought that I needed it.


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