Tensions In and Out of School

For today’s session we had to take 2 pictures representing a specific tension in school. Then, using Pixlr we were asked to  upload them and overlay one on top of the other and create one single image.

I took a picture of a locker and a door. What they had in common was that they both have a handle to open and a lock. This to me represents the general situation in many schools in Mexico public and private. Teachers are asked to integrate technology into their pedagogy, but sometimes the infrastructure of a school is not equipped for it, or teachers are not taught how to use these technological apparatus and/or softwares.

The door is there to be opened, but at the same time they close it. Technological Pedagogical  Content Knowledge (TPACK) is not easy to master. Not every teacher has the opportunity as I am to study a Masters in Educational Technology, and not knowing how to include technology in a meaningful way is also closing the door.


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