The term “Millenials” refers to students who were born into technology, meaning that they grew up using technology as a normal part of their lives and not as a tool that may or may not be used. Studies have shown that brains of these generations are not different. It may very well be proven in 50 years but right now it is an assumption to say that. They were just introduced to technology at a younger age than some of their teachers.

The implications for teachers are to learn who are students are and teach for them and not a different set of kids.

Studies vary in saying that millennial people read in a non linear way and others  say they do. My belief is that in general internet users are non linear AND linear readers. In some cases, we may begin reading an article and follow a hyperlinked word, then go back to the article, but I have also seen my students find an article and read it top to bottom, which would be the same as in a book.


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