It seems everyday we are asked to complete a quick fire, which I don’t always appreciate the value of them until I am done and we are having class discussion and listening to what it meant to each person. Listening to other points of view also allows you to make new connections that you may have overlooked.


1. In teams of 3 read 2 stories from the author James Joyce

2. Create a 20 second abstract video

3. Think of a word that represents your video

4. Have classmates guess by watching your video what story it represents


In the beginning it was difficult to think of not using words or text. My team and I thought of using still motion which means taking many pictures of something in different positions and when played in a video it seams like it is moving. The chair represented the women in the story “A Mother”. She never really felt integrated to the people surrounding her. It was interesting to see the different ideas and emotions people perceived from the stories. I think exercises like these could work well in a classroom scenario to truly observe what students are understanding.


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