Last Friday, I was presented with a new concept “Remix”. The first thing that came to mind was a Beyonce song, modified and with new added beats to create the club version. This was not what the concept was about, but taking into account my previous knowledge, that was the image in my head.

Kirby Ferguson is a filmmaker who directed a four episode series, explaining what Remix is. My understanding of it, is that it refers to taking something from the web (i.e. image, video, sound effect, song), make changes and using it. I would do this all the time. Copy an image off Google images and use it on a power point. After watching the video above I thought about the creativity aspect of it all. Someone, had taken time to capture that image or to create it and he/she was not being acknowledged for it. Their creativity was being stolen. How are ownership rights protected on the web? These are new questions that need to be addressed. I suggest you watch Kirby Ferguson’s series “Everything is a Remix” to have a full understanding.

I learned that if you do an advanced search using Google at the bottom of the page, you will find a category labeled “usage rights“. This will allow you to search for content which has been indicated by site owners if and how content on their sites can be reused. There are different options for fair use:

* Free for use or share

* Free to use, share, or modify

* Free to use commercially

There are many other categories depending on what type of material you are searching for. From now on I make a commitment to use the advance search to honor and respect the creative authors on the web.

 @goodiebag    Kirby Ferguson


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