Inquiry Based Learning

Definition of “Inquiry”: A close examination of a matter in search for information or truth.

Inquiry. In The Free Dictionary online. Retrieved from

In my experience of teaching, students  are so used to teachers giving them information which will be on their tests at the end of the unit. This stops the natural inquiry process which is so particular to children. Students don’t know how to formulate questions. It is very important to know what is the missing link in your data base. Asking the right question is an ability that needs to be learned.


* Receive topic

* Refine question

* Collect evidence

* Report results

* State conclusion

* Share with a different group

While thinking about what question to make, my partner and I had two ideas in mind. She had thought accesible in regards to people with disability and what came to mind to me was if the campus was internet accesible for everyone. This happened do to the fact that we both come from different backgrounds and the way we make connections differ. Afterwords we proceeded to report results. We thought about what tools to use. Power point came to mind, but then decided it did not feed our needs and we chose Pages. My partner and I noticed that there wasn’t a platform that we could upload pictures and several people could have access to them. During this whole process we were in charge of constructing our knowledge, hence “Constructivism”.



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